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Immigration - Obligations For Landlords

Immigration - Obligations For Landlords

Immigration regulations have a significant impact on private residential landlords and their agents. Landlords now have a legal duty to ensure that they do not rent their property to a tenant who does not have the right to live in the UK.  As ever, ignorance of the law is no excuse for non-compliance, and this is just one of hundreds of regulations affecting landlords in this increasingly regulated field.

According to government research, 85% of illegal immigrants use private rented accommodation within a year of arrival here and landlords need to take serious notice of the implications. Recent legislation has been introduced to make it much harder for illegal immigrants to secure private housing, thereby deterring them in future, as well as tackling rogue landlords who exploit illegal migrants by housing them in “beds in sheds” or other unhealthy living conditions.

Landlords and their agents are now obliged to vet tenants in much the same way that employers have to verify the legitimacy of prospective staff. This means taking steps to check the lawful immigration status of individuals before allowing them rent or occupy a property, with financial penalties for landlords who fail to comply.

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